Skateboarding Culture

When we think of skateboards we straight away think of the different types of boards like the skateboards Auckland and all of the dangerous tricks that professional skaters can accomplish on them with ease, but did you know that a high culture has been inspired y skateboarding? It has influenced the way we dress, what music we listen to and even the way we speak. 

During the 1990’s when skating on the Penny Cruiser was a pastime at an all time high, you were expected to keep up with the latest fads and coolest styles of clothing. Back then there was a rivalry between athletic kids and skater kids. Although technically if you could skate well you were considered an athlete but not all athletes were considered skaters. Ironically the sport jersey became a huge part of skate culture and could be found being worn by a whole generation of grinders. Another huge piece of clothing that was worn during this period of time was the common household beanie. Back then skating was done considerably a lot during nighttime and the temperature is considerably colder during that period of time so skaters would wear quality skater clothes for comfort. They acted as sweatbands for their head which would give the skaters maximum amount of concentration required.

Music and skating have always gone hand in hand. This largely has to do with the release of the Walkman during the early 1980’s. The Walkman is a music playing device that could play cassette tapes and fit in your pocket, making it ideal to listen to while skating on a customize penny board. Many bands and solo music performers who were fans of skateboarding would have their music videos filmed with footage of skating spliced into it. In the Tony Hawk Video game series there is always an all-star soundtrack featuring some of the greatest music to skate to. The styles of music commonly listened to while skating include but are not limited to hip-hop, rock n’ roll, heavy metal and even pop music.

Like all sports that have reached mainstream success, skateboarding eventually developed its own lingo and speech that made its way into the attention of the general public. It was only a matter of time before everyone who was buying skateboards for sale was using the newly developed terminology. The different terms were used to describe thing such as the parts that make up a board, the venues you skate at, the tricks that are performed and even the physics behind the force of the tricks. It was a complicated new style of speaking but there were dedicated followers who spoke fluent skate.

Skateboarding has influenced many different aspects of our culture and this is evident in our present day world. The way we speak, the clothes we wear and the music we listen to have been changed forever. Skateboarding is as influential as it is fun.